Unboxing: Legendary Captain Nimue from Warcradle Studios.

Hi all;

Welcome to another blog post in my “Unboxing” series. This time its for the Legendary Captain Rani Nimue from Warcradle Studios, a division of Wayland Games, and a character miniature from the Wild West Exodus game. Before I go into the unboxing itself, let me take you, briefly, into the world of Wild West Exodus first, and also a bit on the character herself.

Wild West Exodus…

… as the title suggests is a table-top “Skirmish” game set within the Wild West. So far there is only one rule book, with a second due out fairly soon, which has a lot of story and background information on the factions within the game. Though there is a lack of stats and information on individual characters, they come on cards with the miniatures themselves, the rule book is fairly thick and well worth a read. I read some of it on the train back from Salute 2017, where I was lucky enough to be given a rule book and the Legendary miniature, and it drew me in to the world that Warcradle Studios have developed.

Background on Rani Nimue.

Admittedly I have had to take this off the back of the miniature box itself and also the website…

Highly skilled with the blade and trident, Captain Rani Nimue is a formidable adversary on land or at sea, especially as her harpoon gun is never far from her side. Nimue’s love of fame and fortune is only tempered by her sense of loyalty to her crew. Beautiful, but deadly, Nimue is a fickle force for change in the Wild West but whether for good or ill remains to be seen…

Born under the Raj in Delhi, Rani Nimue ran away with the pirate Broad Arrow Jack at the age of sixteen and was not heard from again for nearly a decade.

Now master of a crew of her own, the self-styled Captain Nimue earned a price on her head for the audacious theft from the Barrow Shipyards of a prototype RJ-powered submersible. Nimue rapidly built a notoriety for using the stolen submarine to make lightning raids on European shipping. While this brought down the ire of the Crown and their allies, her exotic looks and penny-dreadful fuelled reputation made her popular with the press and the public

The rest you can read on the website for Wild West Exodus.


So onto the main reason for this blog, the unboxing.

Before I even opened the box I was surprised by the weight. Having been used to miniatures by other manufacturers, over the years, you begin to feel the weight difference as the companies cut back on production materials. However this has been far from cut back on, and it weighs a good few ounces, which will certainly give it weight on the gaming table.

Once I opened the box the miniature comes on two sprues, as well as the card and a recessed base. On sprue one, as you can see in the picture, is the base itself and also the head and hair.

2017-04-25 11.10.08

Judging, solely, on the size of the miniature I would say its 32mm “Heroic” scale, which means I’ll be in for some fiddly detail painting later on. Though with the amount of detail I can already see, not only is the miniature well scuplted, but they have kept pretty true to the concept artwork.

Sprue two contains the rest of the miniature, which is stunningly sculpted and with lots of details. On the main body, even though small, you can see ever detail clearly, from the simplified pendant around her neck to the layers in her armour. Even the small bits that hang from her waist are sculpted and not left blank.

2017-04-25 11.09.55

As you can see in the final photo, below, and even in the above photos, there is the card I mentioned earlier. The card itself is double-sided, on one side you get her stats, cost and weapon stats. On the other side you get all her special rules, what factions she can, and can’t be, included with and how she reacts with other miniatures on the table.

2017-04-25 11.09.35

Finally I can also see her being the leader of her own faction in the future, so maybe we’ll see more of the crew she is loyal too. If Warcradle do decide to do this, then I can see Nimue, and her crew, being a formidable faction on the table.


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