Unboxing of Phoenix Miniatures – Hell Series.

Hi all;

Today I have the pleasure of doing an unboxing review of some miniatures sent to me by Kelvin Goh @ Phoenix Miniatures in Australia. Now unfortunately the pics I’ve tried to take aren’t the best quality, so with Kelvins kind permission I’m using the ones that he let me have access too prior to receiving the miniatures. The words will be my own however and taken from my close up scrutiny of the miniatures I have here. Also, at the end of the review, will be an interview I conducted with Kelvin himself about his inspiration for the sculpts, what he has planned in the future and also a bit about himself.

Hell Paladins.

  • Sculpter: Lee Jae Chi
  • Number of Parts: 4 per miniature, 16 pieces in total.


The first thing I noticed when I got these mini’s out of the box, there are 4 of them in the core set in various poses, is that there is a lot of detail gone into the sculpting of these. Considering the size, at 40mm slightly bigger than normal tabletop size, this a great thing. As you’ll see in the interview there is a reason for the size increase. There is also very little flash left on them, now either Kelvin spends hours cleaning each one, or they have come out of the moulds very cleanly. This also shows that there are increases in mould definition since the early days of resin miniature production.

Composing of 4 parts: 1 x head, 1 x main body, 1 x sword arm and 1 x shield, they are all interchangeable within themselves. This in my mind gives a greater degree of variation and the possibility of parts being ordered separate, if Kelvin ever wants to go down that route, to give the players more choice on poses.

Hell Paladin Sergeant Fei Dao.

  • Sculpter: Lee Jae Chi
  • Number of parts: 4


As above, there is no flash on this miniature, which is one less job for us, that paint them, to get them ready for paint. One thing I would like to see with this miniature is having an extra option of a shield arm, probably more elaborate, rather than the two sword arms you get. The cloak, however, does give room for giving it that little bit of freehand and in the hands of a decent painter, and we all know one or two, will look really stunning.

Both Dao, and the four Hell Paladins, wouldn’t look amiss in any army on the table top. Either as part of a squad, or even as a unit by themselves, and will fit in with most fantasy tabletop games.


  • Sculpter: Stavros Zouliatis
  • Number of parts: 7


This miniature is obviously the “Monster” in the core box. It looks like something thats either been constructed, or is in the process of being deformed by magic. You can clearly see the basic human traits, namely the thin neck and normal head, but you can also see the transformation taking place. From the spine rupturing out of the top of the back, to the chest swelling and the claws. This mini, like the other 5, also gives a great definition of movement, which unlike other companies, doesn’t look static. You can almost picture these miniatures running on the tabletop, or transforming into the Abomination, right infront of you as you paint or play with them.

I’d like to say “well done” to Kelvin and Phoenix Miniatures for these well sculpted and inspiring miniatures. If you havent got this box set yet, then I suggest contacting Kelvin, and making the investment in them.

So I’m going to give them 4.5 brushes out of 5.

Please follow this link to the interview with Kelvin, and a little surprise.


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