Hero of the Sky – Unboxing Review

Welcome to my unboxing review of Hero of the Sky by Ben Komets Miniatures.


  • Bust Size – 2″ or 50mm
  • Number of parts – 4
  • Sculpted by – Lucas Pina Penichet
  • Above picture Painted by – Ben Komets
  • Purchased from – http://www.benkomets.com
  • Price – €35 + €10 postage to the UK.

This is a stunning miniature, which comes in its own little wooden box, along with two Hero of the Sky stickers and a little display card with all the info on it.

The sculpt itself is based, or so I’ve been informed, on a animae character called Porco Rocco, and you can certainly see the resemblance in this short video


When I unboxed it for this write-up, I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the cast. A lot of times, especially with resin, you get a lot of flash and some, at least noticeable,  impurities. These impurities can vary, from slight cracks to bubbles, and these can really ruin a miniature or bust. However, this one is immaculate, which shows that Ben has gone over it and made sure its perfect before the customer receives the product.

In the rest of the box, you, obviously, get the bust, but there is also a little ziplock bag with the end of the scarf, the cigarette, and the buckle for the helmet strap. These are also molded with the same care and attention as the main body of the bust.


One thing that does worry me slightly, and I might point this out to Ben himself, is that the buckle might be a bit of work. I’m not saying its impossible, but for those of you that like to pin delicate parts, it wont be able to take a pin. The way I’m, personally, going to get around this is by using a decent superglue, then once its dried I’ll fill the join area with Milliput and sand it back smooth when its dry for reinforcement. The other two bits, scarf and cigarette, both have location holes for them, so shouldn’t need any work.

The detail work on the main body itself is fantastic, with all the seams in his shirt picked out as well as all the hair. There is also lumps and bumps on the snout, this should give the illusion of movement, which makes it look like the snout is actually wrinkled (as you can see in the painted pic at the top of the page.) The rest is up to the painter. As you can all understand, this bust doesn’t come with a plinth or a plinth stand, so both of these you are going to have to out source. Personally I’m going to use a UK based company called Bully’s Wood, and hopefully get a nice wooden plinth made with a three blade propeller etched into it.

Hopefully soon, once I start painting him I’ll be able to show you all the finer details on this bust. I will certainly be buying from Ben again, the level of service you receive is outstanding.

Certainly its a score of 5 out of 5 brushes from this painter.


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