Up & Coming in the Grimoire

So whats up and coming on my blog?

Hopefully soon, there will be a couple of new unboxing reviews here on my blog, and yes I know its been a long time since I posted anything here and its something I plan on rectifying reasonably soon.

The first unboxing, I hope, will be the awesome looking “Hero of the Sky” bust from Ben Komets Miniatures. Standing at about 50mm, as the blurb says, its a bust that “will challenge new and experienced painters alike.” Its also something that I’m really looking forward to putting a brush too and writing up a tutorial on how I achieved certain techniques painting it.


The second unboxing will be a Core box from the great Kelvin Goh, along with an interview with the man himself, both of which I am honoured to be able to do. This will also be my first interview with anyone on here, so it’ll be well worth waiting for, and if there is any questions you would like me to ask him then please post them in the comments below. The core set includes: 4x Hell Paladins, 1x Hell Paladin Sergeant Fei Dao, and the Abomination, and from the pictures I’ve seen they look absolutely stunning and well worth buying. Sculpted by Lee Jae Chi and Stavros Zouliatis, would we expect anything different? I very much doubt it.

So thats whats coming up. I’ll do the usual and flood my facebook feed with a link to them as and when they happen.