Follow-Up: Rosemary & Co Brushes

Its not often I post up a follow up on anything, but for these brushes I thought I would, its been almost a year now since I did my review of them versus the Windsor & Newton I own as well.

Well to tell you the truth my W&N’s gave up the ghost a few months back, and have only really been good for mixing paints and maybe brush undercoating a miniature. My Rosemary and Co brushes however are still going strong, still holding their points and snap, and I may add, my painting has gotten better after these brushes came into my life.

Now I wouldn’t even have considered using these great brushes unless it had been for a phone call to Rosemary & Co and talking to Symi (Sales & Marketing Director,) she was kind enough to spend at least 30 minutes on the phone to me really going indepth about their product. What I also love is the fact that everyone I have spoken to at R&Co, including the owner, via email, are passionate about their product, unlike some other well-known companies I have also spoken too.

So if you are still on the look out for an excellent brush at an outstanding price then I cannot recommend Rosemary, Symi and their team highly enough.