Red Ridinghood – Nutsplanet


Hi all,

Well after painting the “Shield Maiden” from Nutsplanet I decided to make another purchase from this great company, this time its a 75mm full figure called “Red Ridinghood.”

I have to say, the model itself is as good as it looked on their website ( and isn’t really that expensive. I purchased mine from a small company here in the UK called SK Miniatures who is their licenced supplier and it cost me £41 inc postage.

  • Company: Nutsplanet (NP-75006)
  • Material: Resin
  • Number of parts: 7
  • Sculpter: Nalya Vitvitska
  • Model height: 75mm Full Figure
She is a sunning model, as you would expect from what is fast becoming a leading manufacturer, and its very clean. By clean I mean there is no obvious air bubbles, flash or mould lines, so expect her to almost come out of the box and be ready for painting.

The detail on her alone is well worth the purchase, from the little buckles on the leather, to the detailing done on her face and the fur on the cloak, and Nalya has done a great job. I do however have one small criticism, and that is there no details as such on the short sword she is holding, so that will have to be painted on in freehand after its completed. However for the model and level of detail there already it certainly gets two thumbs up from me.

*Featured image courtesy of Nutsplanet and Myeong-Ha Hwang



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