Poppys Angel’s Super Raffle

Hi all;

As a lot of you know, I am an active member of the Poppy’s Angels group on facebook, and also a member of the Command team.


Poppy Angel’s was formed by my mate Stuart Tomlinson, after hearing about a fellow painter/gamers 3 year old daughter who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. The group rallied all us gamers and painters within the miniature world to the cause, and currently we are sat at 900+ members. The idea behind it is to raise money for Poppy and her family as they go through a very difficult time, an idea that is expanding to not only help Poppy, though she is still our primary concern, but also other children suffering with debilitating illnesses.

So whats this Super Raffle?

Recently we have been approached by some of the best painters, miniature sculpters and companies within our industry, and this has got us to setting up a Super Raffle to raffle off some awesome prizes, all donated by them to help Poppy. Having been contacted personally myself by Kromlech.eu, wanting to dontate some stunning miniatures sculpted by themselves, I can verify the greatness of these people. We have also had prizes donated from, please go to our page linked above to see what they have donated:

To name but a few compaines. Like I also mentioned, some of the worlds top painters have also got involved, these are:

Also included are some brilliant painters from our side of the fence, yup, the amature and semi-professional painter:

  • Paul Bullock
  • Shaun Thompson
  • Ben Strange
  • Steven Forte London

Each and every one of these people and companies are awesome, and certainly deserve a lot of praise for doing what they are doing. If you are a company that wishes to donate, then please contact either myself or any of the admin team in Poppy’s Angel’s. Each ticket costs just £2, and can be purchased through our GoFundMe page. If you use the GoFundMe option then please comment on this blog, message me, or even put “SUPER RAFFLE – GrimnarsGrimoire Blog” in the comments section on the GFM page. You can even join our Super Raffle page, and while you are there dont forget to come and join us Angels in or Group.